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The Solution to Equipment Theft & Rental Fleet Management

Construction theft losses do not only mean increased overhead, operating, security, and insurance costs, but also scheduling hurdles and lost people-hours of production that could have a crippling effect on your business.

Real Peace of Mind

Featuring state of the art wireless technology, our dedicated 24/7 recovery specialists can quickly pinpoint and recover your stolen asset anywhere in North America. KYCS is exclusively endorsed by Crime Stoppers USA and Canada. No other system offers you the protection and peace of mind that KYCS can.

The LOCATE Difference

The new ruggedized KYCS Locate devices are “finders” we can find your equipment on your lot (s), job sites, or if they are stolen. 

  • Virtually undetectable by thieves

  • • Completely self-contained and installs in seconds

  • Operates on ALL cellular, Wi-Fi and multiple other networks to ensure the best connectivity at all times.

  • NO Monthly Fees or subscription fees.

The Choice is Clear

  • The KYCS Locate Theft Recovery System is the most cost-effective equipment recovery solution available.

  • Capable of locating your equipment in very harsh conditions anywhere our multiple networks operate, often within a few hours.

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The KYCS Recovery Advantage

Through our exclusive partnership with Crime Stoppers, KYCS’ Internal Theft Recovery Team carries out each and every theft recovery on your behalf from start to finish ensuring your safety at all times while providing the most efficient recovery service in the market.

Exclusive Partnership With:

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For Pricing & Availability Please Contact Us

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Protect and Manage Your Equipment Before It Disappears!

NO Monthly FEES

Locate Devices Include the Following Features

  • Simple installation, no wiring and completely self-contained

  • Virtually undetectable by thieves/ frequency scanners

  • Works on all networks utilizing multiple technologies including Wi-Fi

  • Temperature sensors that assist with recovery

  • Does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty

  • Virtual Fence for early warning theft alerts available

  • Companion online web portal and KYCS Locate mobile App

  • No additional costs

Theft Recovery VS. GPS Telematics



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Signal Strength

  • The only visual inventory control and theft recovery platform backed by Crime Stoppers.

  • Locate uses multiple platforms and will keep switching to the network with the strongest signal available in the area.

  • 24/7 Internal recovery team who will work with Crime Stoppers and Law Enforcement to ensure your equipment is recovered as quickly as possible.

  • Locate works in all environments, shipping containers, underground parking, inside buildings etc. and is virtually undetectable by thieves.

  • A good signal is required from at least three satellites.

  • The GPS-based device’s antenna must “see” without the interference of the vehicle’s body and/or building to provide a position.

  • GPS is easily disabled by simply using an inexpensive “GPS Jammer” available on the Internet, removing, breaking, or covering the antenna, cutting power, removing the fuse and/or removing the unit.

  • Units are always installed in the same place and easily located by a professional thief.

  • Can be easily detected by Radio Frequency scanners.

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Services Provided

  • Visual Inventory Control.

  • Find your equipment :

    • On your rental lot(s)

    • On the job site

    • When late on rental return

    • If it was to become stolen

  • 24/7 Internal recovery team who will work with Crime Stoppers and Law Enforcement to ensure your equipment is recovered as quickly as possible.

  • • NO Additional Fees!

  • Designed for fleet management, navigational and road-side assistance.

  • Factory build-in systems not recognized as a solution to vehicle theft as the device is too easily detected and GPS is unpredictable.

  • Usually offering a call center for software support only.

  • If possible, you are responsible to locate and track your vehicle, truck or equipment.

Effective Stolen Equipment Recovery:

  • Virtually undetectable by thieves.

  • Locate installs within seconds, is completely self-contained, ruggedized and battery powered.

  • ​Installs in multiple locations to ensure it is hidden from thieves.

  • Continues to operate even if equipment battery is disconnected.

  • Normally visible by way of a display and/or antenna.

  • Installed in the same location for factory-in-stalled systems. There are very few locations available for after-market installations due to the requirements of the visibility to the satellites.

  • No back-up battery provided.

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Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 11.38.15 AM.png
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Theft Recovery 

Designed for Theft Recovery. No Monthly Fees 

Self Powered 

No Wiring, battery operated with up to 10 years battery life 

Protect All Assets

Construction Equipment, heaters, compressors, generators, trailers, and more 



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