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Welcome To Thawzall a Division of Tamarack Industries 

On Friday February 2, 2018 Tamarack Industries purchased the assets of Thawzall LLC. The Thawzall brand will join the other Tamarack brands including Heat King and Heat Assault.

A Research & Development, Service and Assembly Facility will remain in Alexandria, Minnesota. Many of the key members of the Thawzall team are joining Tamarack to provide continuity to the Thawzall customer base. We are committed to retaining the design of the Thawzall glycol and flameless product while continuing to enhance its quality and reliability.

For more information on the products click on the images, for pricing and availability please contact us!

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Reliable Flameless Heat



E-XHR 100 
Electric Air Heater


Output of 700,000 BTU/HR

No Def Fluid Required

Variable Air flow up to 4000 CFM

Up to 5" Static Pressure

Max Outlet Temperature = 200F

60+ Hour Run Time 

Positive Air Shutoff With Auto Reset

True Flameless Heater 

PLC Controlled Cold Start & Hot Shut Down Sequence

Easy Access to the Unit for Maintenance


100KW Capacity & 130 Amps

Voltage: 480V- 3 Phase

Air Flow: 3500 Cfm @ 4" WC

Ducts: 2-12" Supply Ducts

Stackable, Fork Pockets & Skid W/ Lifting Points

No Fluids, Engine, or Trailer to Maintain

Weather Proof

Dimensions: 63" x 43" x 63"

Weight: 1330lbs


Mobile Glycol Heating Systems

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 2.35.59 PM.png


5-600ft Hoses

Thaw Up to 6,000 ft

Cure Up to 12,00ft

Temporary Heat Up to 12,000ft

Over 3 Days Run Time 

Return Temperature Indicators On All 5 Zones

Bi-Directional Powered Reel With Free Wheel Feature

Simple To Operate With 1 Switch 

Heat Zone Fluid Distribution



Screenshot 2023-04-18 160016.png


Thaw Up to 6,000 ft2

Pump Glycol Over 120 ft High

Onboard air Compressor for Evacuating Hoses

No DEF Fluid Required

Variable Air Flow up to 3000 CFM

1- 12" Air Duct

Up to 60-Hour Run Time

Positive Air Shutoff With Auto Reset

True Flamess Glycol/Air Heater

PLC Controlled Cold Start & Cool Down Sequence

Easy Access to the Unit for Maintenence 

Multifunction Solution


XHR 1200

Flameless Heater 

1,200,000 BTU/HR

Coming Soon!

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