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We are a globally recognized company providing a class-leading range of bunded steel tank products and auxiliary dispensing equipment for the safe storage and handling of industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids worldwide.

The Ace Cube brand was conceived and developed by our in-house engineers in 2007 – All DyMac products undergo continuous upgrades and development to ensure they remain class-leading.

DyMac Global – Premium Fluid Storage Solutions

Leaders in Dual Fluid Storage
Reduce Emissions up to 90%

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Our Product Ranges

Dymac is an industry leader when it comes to bundled steel tank products and Dual Fluid Solutions. Don't need the fuel? Dymac has partnered with Hybrid Power Solutions to bring reliable, carbon-free portable power to the rental and industrial market. 

Hybrid Power Solutions was founded in 2015 in response to a pressing need for a safer, cleaner and more effective alternative to commercial and industrial-grade generators. Today, Hybrid Power Solutions designs and manufactures a full range of pro-grade portable power packs, residential batteries and solar systems delivering power you can count on. We are proudly Canadian owned and operated, with all of our products assembled in Canada with predominantly North American parts.

Clean Fuel Storage Tanks

Choose from our industry-leading range of bundled steel tank products and ancillary dispensing equipment. Our products are designed to ensure the safe storage and efficient transfer of industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids and are the fuel tank of choice for industry leaders worldwide.

AceCube Versatile

The AceCube Versatile Range features galvanized stacking corners and have primary and secondary galvanized hatch lids. First created in 2007 the elegant three-tier component system is comprised of a main outer lid, a primary inner tank, and an outer protection tank. The AceCube Versatile also features a spacious and easily accessible equipment chamber. This allows for the secure storage of pumps, filters, hose reels, and dispensing nozzles, all of which are supplied by DyMac Global.


AceCube Professional

The AceCube Professional Range features four stacking corners, a primary hatch lid, and a fully integrated forklift base frame. First created in 2014, the elegant two-tier component tank system is comprised of a main outer cover lid and a primary removable inner tank. This professional range can be up-fitted with various dispensing pump packages


AceCube Road Tow

The AceCube Road Tow Bunded Fuel Storage Tank Range has been designed and constructed to carry fuel volumes ranging from 450 Liters to 3,000 Liters and fit precisely onto single axle and twin axle road tow trailers. To ensure stability and safety the Road Tow Range comes equipped with pre-designed trailer connection points, which are positioned under the bi-directional base frame.

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