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Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts, Compact Aerials, Material (Glass) Handling

For more information on the products click on the images below, for pricing and availability please contact us!

Aerial Lifts

BIBI Lift 

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Small scissor lifts on wheels have been around for many years, now for the first time, a small scissor lift can go places where no other small scissor lift has traveled before. Thanks to the genius combination of a small scissor stack and track-based chassis, ReachMaster is again presenting a safer way to get the job done. The Bibilift series has working heights from 13-20 ft and single door access. Bibi provides a safer, quicker, and more efficient way to access areas that otherwise can only be reached by ladders or scaffolding. It is perfect for landscaping, light construction, tree care, park maintenance, window cleaning, building maintenance, vineyards, solar park installations, agriculture, and much more. Easy to transport, clever design, and strong components make the Bibi ideal as a multitasking tool.

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Blue Lift 

Now introducing our progressive line of track-based aerial lifts from the well-renowned Italian manufacturer Bluelift. The Bluelift features the FIRST EVER compact lift with a lithium battery/combustion engine hybrid in North America.  Innovation, quality, superior design, and above all safety are trademarks of Bluelift. With working heights from 39' to 72', indoor/outdoor use, and access through a single or double door, the BLUELIFT series appeals to a broad range of applications: Rental (residential and commercial), window cleaning, building maintenance, tree care and HVAC operations to name a few.

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With patented bi-leveling track-based technology, Bibi and Jibbi products have changed how the market understands access in confined areas and on uneven terrain. With non-marking tracks, turret rotation 240°, and two-person basket JIBBI lifts are perfect for any job.  At Ruthmann Reachmaster, we continue to pioneer new access solutions, with a determined focus on increasing safety and operational efficiency. 

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Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts

Ruthmann Lift 

With working heights ranging from 75 – 295 ft., including non-CDL and specialized solutions for complex access problems, we pride ourselves on superior product quality and market leading service, meeting and exceeding the most demanding applications. Unique truck mounted aerial lifts with a wide range of specifications are available through Ruthmann Reachmaster.

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Material  Handling


Don't break your back... or the glass! The revolutionary Winlet product line will lift any airtight material up to 2200 lbs.

Using the revolutionary Winlet glass installer, you can quickly and dramatically improve health and safety at work. Window elements weighing up to 2200 lbs. can be lifted, transported and installed easily, without straining the back. The results will show up directly on your bottom line as your employees will be able to work more efficiently, avoiding back injuries and sick days, which will result in faster installations without damage to the glass. Finally - a window installer that improves efficiency and meets the increasing requirements from OSHA. The Winlet can lift any airtight material including granite, concrete, steel plates, wooden sheets, tiles and marble, fire doors and aluminum sheets.

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