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Hazardous Location Lighting

Contact us for any pricing or availability for any Hazardous Location Lighting 

Lind Equipment has been working in hazardous location lighting for decades, and no one understands the challenges of working in Division 1 areas like we do.  Our hazardous location lighting has been designed to keep you safe while providing the light that you need to get the job done.  You can work confidently on the task at hand knowing that you never have to worry about your Lind light.

We offer explosion-proof hand lamps, low-voltage lights, inspection lights, string lights,  flood lights, and headlights.  We even have approved explosion-proof extension cords for you to connect power in the hazardous location. All of our hazardous location lights are available with optional cords and plugs, such as explosion-proof plugs.

Explosion Proof Flood Lights



Hand Lamps & Low-Voltage Explosion-Proof Hand Lamps

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065054.jpg

XP162LED Work Light

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065122.jpg

GST50 Low-Voltage Explosion-Proof Hand Lamp

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065105.jpg

XP87B Work Light

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065132.jpg

GSFB50 Fluorescent Low-Voltage Explosion-Proof Hand Lamp

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065148.jpg

XP99 Low-Voltage Handheld Explosion-Proof Spotlight

String Lights & Flood Lights

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065217.jpg

100' and 50' LED Explosion-Proof Stringlights

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065202.jpg

Low Voltage Explosion Proof Stringlights

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065231.jpg

XP1830LED 39W LED Explosion-Proof Floodlight

Headlight & Explosion-proof Extension Cords

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065247.jpg

HL-X Hazardous Location Headlight

Screenshot 2021-09-24 065303.jpg

Hazardous Location Extension Cords LE12 Explosion-Proof Extension Cords

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