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Arceneaux Sales Group is an independent manufacturer representative sales group based in Port Perry, Ontario.  Our Mission is to be Ontario’s leading manufacturer representative group firm.  We use a portfolio of brands to differentiate our products and services in the rental, industrial, and retail distribution channels.   Our Vision is to be Ontario’s most customer-centric rep group, where customers call us first to solve for all their rental, industrial, and retail operational needs.  Our representatives leverage over 25 years of industry experience demonstrating ways to help you increase business, profit, or improve productivity.  ASG is a proud associate member of the Canadian Rental Association, partnering to take the rental industry to new heights. Call us and experience the difference; our premier client service focus will help us to excel in the industry.

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Clyde Arceneaux
Sales Manager
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Clyde is an award-winning professional with over 25 years of experience, with a proven ability to develop sales potential in new and existing channels of distribution while growing and maintaining long-term relationships.  His strong analytical and strategic planning skills are combined with his ability to coordinate his efforts of team members allowing him to meet and exceed organizational goals.  Through his extensive product knowledge within the categories of responsibility, coupled with creative ideas for product applications, has led to a solid professional history of sales and marketing success.  Clyde's high energy, productivity, and efficient work habits have led to his high achievement.


Clyde founded Arceneaux Sales Group to enhance the rental, industrial, and retail distribution channels by sourcing the correct solutions to meet the needs of its customers by pairing with the right manufacturers.  




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Construction Management
Matthew Arceneaux

Matthew Arceneaux brings two years of operation and landscape experience to the business.  He will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer goal of solving problems.  He is comfortable with working with our channel partners, generating interest, qualifying prospects and solving problems.  He will be optimizing inbound and outbound transportation and related processes providing solutions to customer needs.




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