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R Series
Wheal Loader

Contact us for any pricing or availability for any R40 & R30 Series Wheel Loaders. 



Superb Lifting Performance

A long reach and high clearance paired with impressive lifting power make material handling easy. Lift and load to trucks with ease, while the superior reach makes pallet fork operations faster and more efficient.


Coupler options
Efficiently exchange attachments to meet the needs of the job at hand. Choose between mechanical or hydraulic skid steer style or hook and pin style couplers to get you on your way.


Hybrid link design
The well balanced cylinder position of the Kubota Z link system combines the advantages of both Z link and parallel link systems. You get strong bucket force when excavating and grading, and a lift path almost parallel to the ground for superior reach and lifting.

7_N_N_N_I_640X360 (1).jpg

Powerful Kubota Engine

The new R430’s powerful engine produces 47.6 horsepower, a remarkable 20% increase over the R420’s 39.2 horsepower. R540's powerful engine produces 47.9HP and the R640's  engine produces 61.1HP. You’ll appreciate that extra muscle when accelerating, pushing, and climbing hills. 


Simplified control layout
The R40 series features an updated interior layout focused on easier operation and visibility. All major switches are now located on the right side for quicker access. All major loader functions are on a single lever that is easy to operate with just one hand, both on the R540 and R640. The 2-step speed control switch lets you quickly change speeds, allowing you to operate at optimum efficiency for the task at hand.


Modern high-visibility cabin
The R40’s expanded cabin offers a panoramic view for easier and safer operation. The full glass door, and wide opening window provide excellent visibility to the left and right, while the rear window offers an unobstructed view when traveling in reverse.


Tire Options

Choose from a selection of quality tires to help you work on a variety of terrain or seasonal conditions. Kubota has three tire options, standard bias, industrial radial and winter tire.

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Backhoe Option

Kubota’s rugged rear backhoe attachment expands the R430’s versatility. With a digging depth of 108.3” (2750 mm), this rear backhoe is ideal for compact trenching tasks.


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R430 Wheel Loader

Engine Horsepower: 47.6 HP
Weight: 7,584-8,058 lbs
Bucket Capacity: 0.5 yd3
Operator Platform: Canopy, Cab

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R540 Wheel Loader

Engine Horsepower: 47.9 HP
Weight: 9,888-10,285 lbs
Bucket Capacity: 0.85 yd3
Operator Platform: Canopy / Cab


R640 Wheel Loader

Engine Horsepower: 61.1 HP
Weight: 11,177 / 11,563 lbs
Bucket Capacity: 0.94 yd3
Operator Platform: Canopy / Cab






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