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Onsite Power Distribution Box, Cable Reels & Cords, GFCI, 

Onsite Power Distribution Box

Auto Rewind Cord Reels, Manual Wind Cord Reel & Extension Cords

Eliminate the problems associated with power cords lying on the floor where they can become tangled, damaged, or act as a tripping hazard for personnel.  Lind offers a variety of automatic and manual wind reels with a wide range of attachments to meet your needs.  Many of our reels can be custom configured to your specifications.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070033.jpg

High Capacity Heavy-Duty NEMA 4X Cord Reels

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070045.jpg

Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Cord Reels

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070056.jpg

Heavy-Duty Indoor Cord Reels

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070106.jpg

8000 Series

Contact us for any pricing or availability for any Cable Reels & Cords, Portable Power Distribution, GFCI, or StaticBonding & Grounding

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070116.jpg

2000 Series

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070131.jpg

Heavy-duty hand wind reels

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070153.jpg

Industrial Extension Cords

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070206.jpg

Heavy-duty extension cords

When you need to get a lot of power to your workers safely and effectively, temporary power distribution units are what you need.  All-weather rated, multiple types of outlets, and protected by GFCIs, these units can bring power to any place you need it. 

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070232.jpg

91000 Temporary Power Distribution

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070245.jpg

91060 Military Temporary Power Distribution

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

A GFCI device monitors the electrical current leaving and returning to the GFCI.  If there is a difference of as little as 4-6mA of current flow, the GFCI will 'trip', cutting off the flow of electricity.  This trip happens in a fraction of a second and can save lives and protect your equipment from damage.  That is why many jurisdictions have made GFCI protection mandatory for outside construction work.

Indoor/Outdoor GFCIs

These are your standard GFCI devices, built for either indoor use (e.g.  panel mounts) or rugged indoor/outdoor use (e.g. inline GFCI, quad boxes)

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070508.jpg

Single Outlet GFCI Plug Adapter

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070527.jpg

Indoor Panel Mount GFCI - Auto Reset

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070527.jpg

Indoor Panel Mount - Manual Reset

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070542.jpg

GFCI Plug and Cord Set (14880 Series)

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070558.jpg

Inline GFCI Cord Set (26020L Series)

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070558.jpg

20A Inline GFCI Cord Set (25080L Series)

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070621.jpg

Three Receptacle GFCI Plug & Cord Set

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070621.jpg

Three Receptacle Inline GFCI

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070636.jpg

Inline GFCI Quad Box (26020L/25080L Series)

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070654.jpg

GFCI Quad Box (14880 Series)

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070709.jpg

User-Attachable GFCI Plugs

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070719.jpg

User-Attachable Inline GFCI

High Voltage / Amperage GFCI & EGFPD

For when you are dealing with high voltage (>120 V) or amperages (> 20A), these units will protect your equipment and personnel.  EGFPD (Equipment Ground Fault Protection Devices) are specially designed for high-powered machines that require a specialized device to protect them from ground faults.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070732.jpg

30A High Powered ELCIs

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070740.jpg

40A-60A Equipment Ground Fault Protection Devices (EGFPD)

Static Grounding Products 

Static electricity is a constant problem in many facilities with hazardous locations.   Static buildup can lead to explosions, fires, property damage, and injury to personnel. Whether you are grounding drums, tanker trucks, or aircraft, we have the clamps, cables, and reels to fit all your static bonding and grounding needs.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070832.jpg

Static Grounding Clamps

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070832.jpg

Retractable Static Grounding Assemblies

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070832.jpg

Fixed Length Static Grounding Assemblies

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070844.jpg

Heavy Duty Static Grounding Reels

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070854.jpg

Fixed Location Static Monitoring Systems

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070903.jpg

StaticSure Portable Static Monitoring System

Screenshot 2021-09-24 070915.jpg

LE-ERK1 Mobile Static Grounding Kit

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