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New Products:

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All features of Locate come standard on Locate XR

  • Extended battery life of up to 10 years at 1 location “ping” per day 

( maximum ping rate 4 times per day)

  • New “Last Mile” feature

  • Larger antenna for greater reception

  • Proprietary components and firmware

  • New design to house extended battery

  • 4 Years of service included

Crime Stoppers ID:
Theft Deterrent System

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Digital Identification Labels

  • Digital Fingerprint

  • Scans from outside the asset

  • Mobile Phone interactive (with adaptor)

  • Waterproof (can be installed internally or externally – for example in bumper, fiberglass etc.)

  • Partnership With Crime Stoppers

Optional Bracket 

Optional Bracket Installation by special order 

  • Simple Installation, no wiring required

  • Magnet on Bracket to Put KYCS Locate Devise on any surface 

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New Packages


Best in class theft recovery solution

Self-contained 4 years of service with 5 – 10 years of battery life with no additional fees


Best in class theft recovery solution LOCATE.

Plus Crime Stoppers ID theft deterrent warning labels and ID micro chips (4)


Best in class theft recovery solution Locate

Plus Crime Stoppers ID theft deterrent warning labels and ID microchips (4) 

Plus a decoy device

Thieves will scan your equipment and find the decoy device but not your LOCATE.  Leaving your LOCATE hidden to assist with recovery

Theft Recovery VS. GPS Telematics

Theft Recovery & Inventory Management System

KYCS LOCATE Online Software & App

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Software Features
Web and App Access
Historical and Track Reports
Search feature for quick access to asset details
Replay route feature

User Management
Add users with restricted roles
KYCS Locate battery level indicator and number of standby days remaining
Status health check & temperature reading
Speed & Direction

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Theft Recovery 

Designed for Theft Recovery. No Monthly Fees 

Self Powered 

No Wiring, battery operated with up to 10 years battery life 

Protect All Assets

Construction Equipment Rv's, automotive, generators, trailers. motorcycles & more 



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