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Indirect Fired
IDF Series 

Available in Oil/Diesel & LP/NG

Contact us for any pricing or availability of any Indirect Fired IDF Series Heater. 

The perfect solution where clean, dry heat is required to complete a project on time and within budget. Ductable up to 50ft, our IDF lineup comes standard with many features designed for safety, performance, and efficiency not found on competitive systems: Fully Insulated Jacket, Industrial Grade Beckett Burner (Oil/Diesel), Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, Satin Coated Steel, Powder Coated Paint, Environmental Spill-Containment Tank (Oil/Diesel), LED Polarity Lighting, High Limit Safety Switch, 6-Ply Pneumatic wheels, Adaptable Duct Connection, 3-Trials for Ignition (LP/NG) and Ball Valve Switchover from propane to Natural Gas (LP/NG).

IDF350, IDF500 &

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Added Features On HS Model 

In addition to all the standard features included in our standard IDF Series, the HS models are equipped with a 6-Bade Fan and 1.5HP motor which provide 2.3" of static pressure to allow for duct lengths of up to 100ft. The HS Series also offers optional recirculating capabilities to ensure maximum fuel efficiency.

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