A Solution For Every Business 

IdeaOne has the latest innovative technology to help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Our central management is extremely powerful and easy to use so you can spend less time on content management and more time on operating your business. 



In this fast-paced changing  world, how quickly you deliver information

to your customers can affect the success of your business 



Our Highly secured and automated Facial Recognition & Temperature Scanner is a great addition to any building entrances to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Our system offers accurate temperature readings and instantly alerts management of any abnormal tempatures. Alll records are stored on the cloud server and are available anytime for anaylsis 

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Automated Self Sign-In/Out System 

Contactless & Accurate Temperature Scan

Facial Recognition for Quick Access and Verification 

Customizable Covid-19 Survey/Questionnaire 

Fever Alert & Instant Notification on Screening Fails 

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Secure Cloud-based Platform with Remote Access to logs and Records 

Printed Name Tags for PASS Confirmation, Security and Easy Identification 

Access Control To Automatically Open Doors on Successful Screenings 

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