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Compact Lift

Small scissor lifts on wheels have been around for many years, now for the first time, a small scissor lift can go places where no other small scissor lift has traveled before. Thanks to the genius combination of a small scissor stack and track-based chassis, ReachMaster is again presenting a safer way to get the job done. The Bibilift series has working heights from 13-20 ft and single door access. Bibi provides a safer, quicker, and more efficient way to access areas that otherwise can only be reached by ladders or scaffolding. It is perfect for landscaping, light construction, tree care, park maintenance, window cleaning, building maintenance, vineyards, solar park installations, agriculture, and much more. Easy to transport, clever design, and strong components make the Bibi ideal as a multitasking tool.

Contact us for any pricing or availability for any BIBI Lift.

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With a Drive Gradeability at 25° and a Dynamic Drive System, you can take the BIBI Evo to places where a scissor lift has never gone before. 

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